Special Brazed Assemblies

Special Brazed Assemblies

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From the electron collector to the sputter head and from the sample tube to the gas process unit in fuel cells, the brazed assemblies from REUTER TECHNOLOGIE are customised high-tech solutions that offer quite exceptional properties and functionalities in their specific applications.

The key to the outstanding properties of our brazed assemblies lies in the high precision as well as the exceptional material mix that we achieve via vacuum soldering. In the electron collector, stainless steel, ceramic and copper are joined together in a vacuum-tight manner. In the diamond window, synthetically produced diamond discs are brazed in a copper ring. This is possible despite the strongly different thermal expansion that both materials exhibit. It requires very specialised know-how and many years of experience to be able to produce such demanding material combinations in the required quality. REUTER TECHNOLOGIE has this competence. For over 20 years, we have been experts in the design, mechanical processing and joining of complex assemblies.

Product examples

Electron collector

The electron collector is a component of an ion source and ensures the separation of released electrons and an ion beam. It is made of stainless steel, aluminium oxide and copper. Its interior surface is highly polished. The cylindricity is < 0.05 mm on the bore Ø 0.9 mm (beam guide). With regard to the leakage rate, we achieve a value of < 1×10-10 mbar x l/sec.

Product examples

Sputter head

The sputter head developed by REUTER TECHNOLOGIE consists of a layer of strongly ferromagnetic steel and two further layers of copper and boron nitride (BN). The place of use is a PVD coating plant. Here it serves as a holder for rectangular targets. It has to withstand high and homogeneous magnetic flux densities of up to 44 µ Tesla, provide efficient cooling of up to 2 kilowatts, and handle shielding and high-voltage feedthrough.

Product examples

Gas process unit (GPU)

The GPU from REUTER TECHNOLOGIE ensures a supply of fuel in fuel cells. In it, catalysts are used to convert propane gas, for example, directly into usable hydrogen gas. We use various joining technologies such as vacuum brazing as well as laser and TIG welding in the production process. In vacuum brazing, several special stainless steels such as CroFer or Inconel and over 50 sheets are brazed simultaneously in one process step.

Product examples

Sample tubes

Sample tubes are used for material investigations in the cryogenic range. They consist of thin-walled tubes with wall thicknesses of only 0.3 mm. The length is up to 1000 mm. We typically manufacture our sample tubes in the material combination stainless steel and copper. The components included are joined in a vacuum-tight manner by high-temperature brazing and welded in a laser or TIG process.

High tech under the bonnet


REUTER products develop their full qualities in use. Often, the amount of design and manufacturing expertise contained in these products is not visible at first glance. It is the detailed solutions that we need to achieve the demanding specifications provided to us by our customers.

This is similar with our heat shield. It is used in atomic clocks to shield the test space from black-body radiation and electromagnetic radiation. As can be seen in the 360° rotation/explosion, the component, made entirely of copper, is a highly complex structure with very demanding

High tech under the bonnet

Heat shield

The heat shield for atomic clocks is made entirely of copper to ensure optimum thermal conductivity. The joints must not show any virtual leakage. This applies up to the temperature range of 80K (equivalent to -190 °C). A purity suitable for UHV must be maintained during production.

  • Manufacturing tolerances up to 0.01 mm
  • Tightness up to 80 °K (-190 °C)
  • Purity: UHV-suitable
  • Use in atomic clocks

Our services

• Development and construction

• Mechanical processing

• Joining different material combinations (vacuum brazing, e-beam welding, laser and TIG welding)

• Prototyping, feasibility studies, 3D printing

• Examination & test run

• Series production of small to medium series

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