3D Printing

3D Printing

Take a step into the future of workpiece production today. We manufacture components, assemblies and prototypes in 3D printing on demand.

Utilizing new opportunities with additive manufacturing

Order from us 3D printing products in high industrial quality. Our range includes a variety of materials and available technologies.

3D printing has long since outgrown its infancy. The permanent further development of printer systems in combination with the growing experience in handling the newly joined materials have established 3D technology as an attractive manufacturing alternative.

Already today, this additive manufacturing process can generate numerous advantages in development and spare parts procurement. Use these strengths together with us:

  • With additive manufacturing of prototypes, we can shorten the “time to market”.
  • Function-optimised, additively manufactured production aids and assembly aids increase productivity.
  • By means of “additive manufacturing on demand”, we can significantly improve the availability of spare parts.
  • By optimising the function and design of individually manufactured components, we achieve sustainable increases in value.
Your Inquiry

Your Inquiry

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If you would like to find out more about the opportunities of 3D printing in your company, we are of course also available for consultation.

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