Vacuum-Brazed Cooling Elements

Vacuum-Brazed Cooling Elements

Customized cooling elements

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE's vacuum-brazed cooling solutions include cooling plates, cooling plates and complex cooling elements for liquid cooling with water, nitrogen or helium. They are custom designed and manufactured. As a result, they perfectly match the functional and spatial requirements of a specific application.

When developing and manufacturing our cooling solutions, we go to extremes. Our thinnest products are only 0.8 mm thick. Nevertheless, the wafer-thin cooling elements offer high cooling capacities of up to 1,000 watt per square meter. This is possible because we build them up in several layers, mostly using the high thermal conductivity of copper. We often combine this material with stainless steel components. Our cooling components are made entirely of metal. They are characterised by a high degree of flatness and, depending on requirements, are vacuum-tight up to the UHV range. By material joining through vacuum brazing, we are able to manufacture even complex structures very precisely and in a corrosion-resistant manner. Water, liquid nitrogen or even helium can be used as a cooling medium.

Product examples

Cooling plate

The cooling plate was specially designed for use in a 3He – 4He cryostat. During manufacture, more than 100 precisely positioned individual parts are joined with high precision in a vacuum brazing work step.

Operating temperature: 5mK to approx. 0.5 K
Special feature: absolutely helium-tight cavities

Product examples

Square cooling plate

The cooling plate consists of two highly thermally conductive copper plates that are joined in a vacuum-tight and distortion-free manner by means of high-temperature vacuum brazing. This design principle enables the inserting of any cooling channel structures in one of the two plates and thus to tailor the cooler contact area precisely to the heat loads. Consequently, area outputs of up to 2 MW/sqm can be achieved.

Product examples

Refrigeration head

The refrigeration head serves as a cooling unit for a storage ring. The joints must withstand temperatures alternating from -271°C to +350°C. The specification for the perm value at the weld seams is less than 1.05. The leakage rate must not exceed the value of 1 x 10-9 mbar x l/sec. This requires a purity suitable for UHV.

Product examples


The antenna is used for ion sources. Here, the component serves as a shield and as a cooling element. The vertically arranged copper rods are hollow, and they are water-cooled when in use. For the production of the antenna, we join over 30 individual components in a single vacuum brazing step.

Product examples

Round cooling plate

The design principle of our round cooling plates corresponds to that of the square plates. The customised cutting of the cooling channels and connections is likewise possible here. The heat elements are characterised by a high degree of flatness and parallelism. Other material combinations such as the copper/copper combination shown are also possible (e.g. copper/stainless steel).

High tech under the bonnet


REUTER products develop their full qualities in use. Sometimes, they may appear simple from the outside, but a look at the details shows how much know-how about design, production or the joining technology must be incorporated in order to be able to achieve the specifications required by the customer.

The example of the ultra-flat cooler shown below demonstrates this: With a thickness of only 0.8 mm, this product lives up to its name. The inner cooling structures are etched or milled at highest precision. The two copper and/or stainless-steel sheets of the top and bottom sides are joined in an absolutely distortion-free way by vacuum brazing.

High tech under the bonnet

Ultra-flat cooler

We design the outer dimensions and the flow of the cooling channels according to customer specifications. This also applies to the connections and holders. We usually create the cooling structures by etching. Subsequently, two-dimensional connections between the cooling channels are made by vacuum brazing. Other add-on parts – such as connections – can be joined at the same time. This reduces distortion to a minimum and ensures leak-tightness. The use of stainless steel as the base material and the chemical stability of the solder materials reduces the corrosion effects to a minimum.

  • Max. cooling capacity: 1 kW
  • Thermal resistance: ~0,043 °C/W
  • Dimensions: customised
  • Thickness: from 0.8 mm
  • Cooling medium (e.g. water)
    • Flow rate: 0.75 l/min
    • Tin: 20 °C  
    • Tout: 40 °C
    • p: 2,8 bar
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor technology

Our services

• Development and construction

• Mechanical processing

• Joining different material combinations (vacuum brazing, e-beam welding, laser and TIG welding)

• Prototyping, feasibility studies, 3D printing

• Examination & test run

• Series production of small to medium series

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