High-Speed Brazed Assemblies

High-Speed Brazed Assemblies

They keep up with any speed

The high-speed brazed assemblies from REUTER TECHNOLOGIE are lightweights thanks to weight optimisation. We can join even complex geometries in a stable, vacuum-tight and extremely economical way. This allows you to keep up with any speed in automation.

When assembling printed circuit boards or similar applications, repeatability and high speed are required. We combine different metals in our high-speed brazed assemblies to achieve optimum stability and low weight. We can sometimes even join complex geometries in just one work step, with very high strength and vacuum-tightness. We use vacuum brazing – a technology in which we have had great experience for many decades. REUTER TECHNOLOGIE’s high-speed components are also characterised by very low-vibration properties and can also be manufactured for use in clean rooms if required.

Product example


The gantry serves as a moving loading head in a high-speed pick-and-place machine. It must absorb the high acceleration and braking forces of the loading head while allowing only minimal positional deviation in three spatial directions. We achieve this with support elements that are fully connected to the inner wall of the square tube. In the joining process, we join 70 individual parts at the same time. After vacuum brazing, the flatness is 0.4 mm, the parallelism 0.2 mm (component length: 1082 mm).

High tech under the bonnet


REUTER products develop their full qualities in use. Often, the amount of design and manufacturing expertise contained in these products is not visible at first glance. It is the detailed solutions that we need to achieve the demanding specifications provided to us by our customers. Our many years of experience in joining technology help us here. We have been working in this field for more than 20 years.

Our high-speed brazed assemblies are usually made of steel or stainless steel. They are joined together in one process with very little distortion and, compared to welding, over a large area. As a result, the have very low-vibration features and are ideally suited for high speeds in automation tasks. The head holder (see below) is an excellent example of this. It is used in the assembly of printed circuit boards.

High tech under the bonnet

Head holder

The pick-and-place machines in PCB production require components that work at extremely high precision, take up little space and function with low vibration even at high speeds. This requires heavy-duty connections with a high connection quality. Vacuum brazing enables us to perfectly produce complex lightweight constructions and geometries, profile strips, hollow bodies and housings, or solder joints that are difficult to access.

Measurable weight savings can be achieved through a variety of material combinations such as copper, stainless steel and titanium. During brazing under vacuum, the uniform heating of the workpiece and the uniform lowering of the temperature remove stresses from the component. This increases stability and reduces susceptibility to cracking. The strength of the joint is close to that of the base materials. This allows thin-walled and complex-shaped components to be joined with little distortion.

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