Energy Conductors and Waveguides

Energy Conductors and Waveguides

High-end solutions for research and industry

Whether waveguide, taper or diamond window - REUTER TECHNOLOGIE's solutions in the field of energy conductors and waveguides meet the highest demands. They are preferably used by research institutions.

In research facilities, where the aim is to learn more about the fundamentals and components of the universe, the products used must meet the highest standards. Ultimate pressures down to < 1·10-10 mbar, outgassing rates below 5·10-10 mbar·ls-1·cm-2 and maximum leakage rates of 1·10-10; mbar·l·s-1 are standard. Added to this is the dimensional accuracy of all vacuum components and the fact that the surface is largely free of particles. With the development and manufacture of cryogenic collimator systems, ion sources, thermal chambers, storage rings, diamond windows and various other components, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE has already developed and manufactured a large number of different components for this high-tech sector.

Product examples


Waveguides are used to transmit electromagnetic waves for new acceleration concepts. Extreme precision is required here: the 29 copper discs are manufactured with a precision of less than 2 µm. The entire structure has a straightness of less than 4 µm. The soldering process takes place in a hydrogen atmosphere. All connections are UHV-tight.

Product examples


The taper is a waveguide for the transmission of microwaves up to 100 KW. In order to transmit this power largely without loss, a rectangular-circular transition is implemented in the component. As enormous electric field strengths occur at the high power levels, minimal deviations from the geometry can trigger a field surge and flashover that destroys the component. The entire geometry including the free-form surface of our taper has a form accuracy of < 2 µm!

Product examples

Diamond window

The diamond window is used in fusion research to heat or stabilise the fusion plasma. It is water-cooled and consists of diamond discs up to 100 mm in diameter, which are brazed to a copper ring using high-temperature vacuum brazing technology in a vacuum-tight and low-stress manner. We have developed special reaction solders for this purpose.

High tech under the bonnet


REUTER products develop their full qualities in use. Often, the amount of design and manufacturing expertise contained in these products is not visible at first glance. It is the detailed solutions that we need to achieve the demanding specifications provided to us by our customers. In the image below you can see all the details of our vacuum port in 360°rotation/explosion.

Its geometry must be manufactured with the highest precision so that the enormous field strengths in use do not lead to the destruction of the component. We manufacture the crucial rectangular-round transition inside the copper component with a form accuracy of less than 2 µm. We achieve this by means of ultra-precision milling. Here, we use high-temperature brazing technology as the joining technique.

High tech under the bonnet

Vacuum Port

– also called pumping port. Mode converters such as the vacuum port take on the task of converting a rectangular waveguide into a round waveguide. The central component is the taper, in which the shape change takes place. On the component shown above, the taper is made of copper and consists of 2 halves. This is clearly visible in the explosion. Tapers must be precisely shaped in the nanometre range. We achieve this by means of ultra-precision milling.

The two halves of the taper are then joined using high-temperature soldering technology.


  • Microwave power up to 100 kW
  • Shape accuracy: 2 µm
  • Linear accelerator (LINAC)
  • Particle accelerator

Our services

• Development and construction

• Design and sizing

• Material selection and material connection (vacuum brazing, e-beam welding, laser and TIG welding)

• Mechanical processing

• Prototype manufacture

• Test methods and execution

• Series production of small to medium series

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