Internship in our company

Students gain valuable experiences in everyday professional life

We are convinced that personal insights into companies help young people make the right career decisions. Therefore, it is natural for us to offer students the opportunity to get to know our company and our training professions during an internship.

Our interns have the opportunity to gain valuable experiences in both the commercial and industrial sectors. It is important for us to provide a realistic impression of the company and the various training professions. This way, young individuals can better assess which profession suits them best in the future.

The interest in our internship positions confirms that we are on the right track. Last year, we were able to offer a total of 10 interns the opportunity to gain initial insights into the working world. This year, 4 interns are already getting a glimpse into our company, 2 of them on Girls’ Day.

We are looking forward to it!

Interns participating in Girls' Day at our company.

Published on 15.05.2024

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