New measuring device

The optical 3D scanner VL-700 by Keyence

As a manufacturer of highly precise components, we place great emphasis on exact component testing. Today, we are pleased to introduce our latest 3D measuring instrument to you! 

The “Place & Click” principle not only allows us to quickly and easily perform a 360° 3D scan of any components but also facilitates the analysis and conversion of data into CAD format (STEP). Key advantages include:

  • Fast and easy comparison of various measurement objects without complex programming
  • Automatic conversion of scan data into CAD data
  • Comprehensive 3D capture and display of the entire measurement object
  • Flexibility for measurements and analyses at any desired location

Whether you need highly accurate components in documented top quality or simply want to learn more about the latest measuring techniques, feel free to contact us – we are happy to assist you!


The optical 3D scanner VL-700 by Keyence

Published on 20.01.2024

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