We introduce: Our apprentices

For more than 40 years, we have been supporting young people on their path to a professional career

Our training occupations include office management clerks as well as precision mechanics (specializing in machining technology).

Currently, we employ a total of four apprentices who rotate through different departments every three months. This allows them not only to gain comprehensive insights into various tasks and locations but also to discover which activities they enjoy the most. Our goal is to offer all our apprentices a permanent position at the end of their training.

To best prepare our apprentices for their professional lives, we organize full-day apprentice workshops in addition to vocational school and inter-company training. Team building is also an essential part of these workshops because we believe that effective teamwork is crucial for the success of the company. Therefore, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our apprentices are not only well-trained in their respective fields but also possess strong interpersonal skills.

Our apprentices

Published on 24.07.2023

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