We introduce: Our series team

Efficient series production

Today we would like to introduce our series team in Schöllkrippen! Consisting of 20 experienced specialists, it is the largest team in our company.

Under the management of Thomas Stadtmüller, we manufacture high-quality assemblies and components in small series for our customers in this area. Therefore, we work here in 2-shift operation in order to be able to realize fast throughput and delivery times. The series team also includes a large part of our machine park: lathes, 3- and 5-axis machining centers, TIG welders, coordinate measuring machines, laser welding systems, vacuum furnaces and much more. These machines are housed in partially air-conditioned areas to ensure optimal production conditions.

As with all of our production teams, our sales, purchasing, quality management, manufacturing and shipping professionals work together in an agile manner. And we enjoy what our teams come up with every day to make our customers happy!

Our series team

Published on 19.06.2023

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