We introduce: Our team Prototypes

From the idea to the finished product

Our team Protoypes

In our prototype team in Schöllkrippen, 11 skilled workers are responsible for accompanying our customers from the initial idea to the finished product and beyond to series production readiness. In addition to processing initial orders and building prototypes, technical consulting for our customers plays a very decisive role. No two projects are alike, no two orders are identical.

The prototype team headed by Robert Amberg is a colorful mix of CNC turners and millers, welders, engineers, quality managers, designers, technical consultants and project managers. Together, they all embody experience and expertise.

Some colleagues have been working at our company for more than 40 years and can look back on a wealth of experience. On the other hand, there are new employees who enrich the team’s work with fresh ideas and food for thought. Still other colleagues have already completed their training at our company and are now working as skilled workers. We think this mixture makes a good team!

Published on 15.05.2023

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