“Big Science Business Forum” in Grenada

The platform for the exchange of European research institutions with high-tech companies in the industry.

The Big Science Business Forum took place in Grenada from October 4th to 7th, 2022. The most important European research institutions met there to exchange ideas and network with high-tech companies in the industry.

Our conclusion: The event was a success! Here we have put together the highlights for you:

Florian Reuter, Karl-Heinz Reuter and Robert Amberg had interesting discussions during the conference and at our booth with representatives of renowned institutions from research and industry, including CERN, DESY, ESRF, GSI / FAIR, European XFEL, esa, ITER and Fusion4Energy. Many thanks for that!

Furthermore, we were the only German company to present our experience as an SME collaborating with large research institutions. This keynote was held by our CEO Florian Reuter, which was a special honor for us!

Of course, there was also a diverse social program. The highlight was the excursion to the largest observatory in Europe, the “Calar Alto Observatory”. There we could see vacuum components in action, which we had manufactured a few years ago for the CARMENES experiment. The result of this project is impressive: More than 50 exoplanets have been discovered with it!

We are looking forward to the next “Big Science Business Forum” in Trieste in 2024!

Impressions of Grenada.

Published on 08.11.2022

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