International conference „LÖT 2022“ in Aachen

13th International Conference on brazing, high temperature brazing and diffusion bonding

From June 21 to 23, 2022 scientists, engineers and technical specialists from all over the world met in Aachen at the “LÖT 2022” – the 13th International Conference on Brazing, High Temperature Brazing and Diffusion Bonding. This event is one of the world’s leading plattforms for the exchange of science and practice in joining technologies. 

And of course we were there too! In addition to the other companies, we presented our experiences. Under the title “High-precision vacuum-brazing assemblies for customized cooling components”, our CEO Florian Reuter gave interesting insights into our activities. These company pitch presentations were the ideal start for the exchange among experts about the latest technological developments and trends, as well as the transfer of scientific results into operational practice. 

Many thanks to the association “DVS German Welding Society” for organizing this great conference!  

Pitch presentation of Florian Reuter

Published on 24.06.2022

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