Vacuum brazing – the perfect way to multi-functional solutions

If you would like to combine the electrical conductivity of copper, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the low weight of titanium or the temperature resistance of ceramic materials, then REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is exactly the right contact. As one of the leading suppliers in vacuum brazing technology, we join the most varied materials such as copper, stainless steel, ceramics, titanium or also diamond. The achieved material joints are mechanically highly resistant, vacuum-tight and free of any brazing residues.

Triple material combination of stainless steel, copper and technical ceramic, manufactured with vacuum brazing technology
Triple material combination of stainless steel, copper and technical ceramic, manufactured with vacuum brazing technology
Vacuum brazed copper shroud, designed by REUTER
Vacuum brazed copper shroud, designed by REUTER

The combination of ultra-precision production, vacuum brazing and UHV competence makes, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE a globally leading supplier. These competences are used for the development of highly specialized products, which meet extraordinary requirements regarding cooling performance, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance or product geometry.

Rapid Protobrazing is a vacuum brazing process to manufacture complex components or hollow parts as single pieces or in small series. In the existing 3D model, the component is divided into thin cuts with the aid of a CAD program and then cut out of the sheet, for example, by laser or water-jet cutting. After that, these cuts and brazing foil cuts are alternatingly stacked and joined to one solid component in a vacuum brazing process. Unlike three-dimensional sintering, this process allows the integration of different materials and also high-strength materials such as titanium into one workpiece. Rapid ProtoBrazing can also be employed for the manufacture of complex geometries, such as profiled sections, housings or support frames, which can otherwise only be produced through casting and extrusion.

We offer:

  • The production of firmly bonding and mechanically highly resistant joints of
    • Copper/Stainless steel
    • Stainless steel/Stainless steel
    • Hard metal/Stainless steel
    • Copper/Copper
    • Copper/Diamond
    • Copper/Ceramic (B4C, BN, Al2O3, SiO2)
    • Titanium/Copper
    • Titanium/Titanium
    • Process media:
    • Nitrogen
    • Argon
    • Hydrogen atmosphere
    • Hydrogen
  • Complex geometries
    • Area joining up to 500 mm x 500 mm
    • Vacuum-tight, very thin-walled brazed joints up to 0.1 mm in material thickness (pipes, edges, reinforcements, etc.) on thick-walled components
    • Brazing of areas that are difficult to access
  • Simultaneous brazing of various parts in one furnace batch
  • Considerable weight savings through the use of light-weight materials
  • High economic feasibility and component quality through automated process control with combined joining and heat treatment in one batch

Interesting to know:

Vacuum brazing – offers (almost) unlimited possibilities

Brazing in a vacuum offers a whole range of advantages: The vacuum, for example, prevents the oxidation caused by heating in the brazing area. Oxides such as titanium oxide, zirconium oxide or aluminium oxide are largely removed. Due to the different thermal elongations of metal and metal oxide, the oxide films are detached only at temperatures from 1000 °C and a vacuum of 10-4 mbar. Only then can the solder penetrate the oxide film that has cracked open.
The fluxless brazing ensures an optimum filling of the soldered seam. As a result, the joints produced by vacuum brazing feature a very high strength and corrosion resistance. We usually employ solder pastes, foils or wire.

Die flussmittelfreie Lötung sorgt für eine optimale Füllung der Lötnaht. So entstehen beim Vakuumlöten Verbindungen, die sich durch eine sehr hohe Festigkeit und Korrosionsbeständigkeit auszeichnen. In der Regel setzen wir als Lotformen Pasten, Folien oder Draht ein.

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is involved in the Vacuum Brazing Society within the German Welding Association and actively contributes to project-accompanying committees.

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