Mechanical processing

Some of the most exciting scientific projects of our time require a machining accuracy and precision that appeared not viable until a few years ago. Moreover, this precision can even be achieved directly on the milling machine without the possibility of manual machining such as grinding, lapping or polishing. REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is your partner not only for the manufacture and joining of ultra-precision parts, but also for their highly accurate measurement. Demanding requirements regarding shape tolerances and surface qualities are met by this service range.

X-Band RF Taper
X-Band RF Taper
Vacuum-brazed component in ultra-precision
Vacuum-brazed component in ultra-precision

Established networks such as Euspen (European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology) show the significance of ultra-precision for basic research as well as industry, including prototyping and serial production.

Consistent investment in a modern, flexible machinery as well as highly qualified staff members are the prerequisites for production on a high-quality and economically efficient level.

The following production technologies are available:

  • CNC-turning
  • 5-axis CNC-milling
  • Surface treatment
  • Laser engraving

In addition to the production of ultra-precision components, the highly accurate measurement is crucial.

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