We develop high-tech solutions in a material bond

Do you need to perform cooling, work in a high vacuum, provide electrical or magnetic insulations, achieve high or low transmission rates? No matter what individual requirement or complex geometry your industrial product has – if it is necessary to integrate the best characteristics of various materials in one part or module, meet maximum requirements regarding precision and implementation quality and achieve what is feasible with experience and competence, then you will find a strong partner in REUTER TECHNOLOGIE. Our team of process engineers, designers and material specialists has solved the most challenging tasks for over sixty years with innovative ideas, careful planning and conscientious implementation.

UHV-Camper with sample holder
UHV-Camper with sample holder
Vakuumgelötetes Bauteil in Ultra-Präzision
Welding assembly with integrated cooling, designed by REUTER

Our services for planning and design:

  • Verification of feasibility and implementation approaches for placed tasks (considering the applicable standards and regulations, e.g. Pressure Vessel Directive, AD-2000 Standard, etc.)
  • Design of assemblies and advice for component selection (e.g pump types, electrical, mechanical and optical setup, valves, sight glasses, etc.)
  • Advice/selection of suitable materials/material combinations (structure, planning of suitable processes with joining technologies, tempering procedure, etc.)
  • FEM simulation to optimize the materials used and the reliability
  • Prototype manufacture and development of suitable test procedures
  • Development of economically efficient cleaning strategies (e.g. for vacuum-suitable surfaces)