2014 Launch of the new website
2013 Integration of the activities of REUTER Feinwerktechnik and REUTER Vakuumlöttechnik into REUTER Technologie GmbH
2012 Acquisition of two additional vacuum furnaces with Molybdene heating systems, thus increasing manufacturing possibilities in vacuum brazing
2010 Expansion into new markets such as semiconductors and fusion research by extending the UHV Systems division
2009 REUTER Feinwerktechnik specializes in machining of magnetic materials
2007 Restructuring into a corporate group and establishment of REUTER Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG (components from non-ferrous materials) and REUTER Vakuumlöttechnik GmbH & Co. KG (vacuum brazing/laser welding)
2005 Relocation of design, assembly and sales as well as commissioning of a new clean room at the Alzenau site
2003 Innovation prize from the Lower Franconia medium-sized business union
2002 Relocation of the company’s head office to Alzenau on 01/08/2002 and new company name "REUTER TECHNOLOGIE GmbH". Merging of "REUTER INDUSTRIETECHNIK GmbH" with "REUTER TECHNOLOGIE GmbH"
2001 Introduction of vacuum heat treatment with focus on high temperature vacuum brazing and annealing

Introduction of the integrated management system with Quality Assurance per DIN ISO 9001:2000), Environmental Protection (EMAS, DIN 14001), Industrial Safety (per OHRIS and OHSAS) Participation in the Bavarian High Tech Day on the 31.03.2001
2000 Awarded the “Bavarian Quality Prize 2000” for commercial quality in craftmanship. New alignment of the 3 customer teams towards the fields of parts and modules from non-ferrous materials and special materials for vacuum coating systems, lab and precision engineering.
1998 Concentration on complete solutions for parts and modules in process engineering, machining technology and machine construction with special demands on materials, logistics and quality.

In November official presentation of the re-organization and customer teams
1997 Decision to introduce teamwork and assumption of planning and reorganisation activities by the newly formed customer teams
1996 Expansion of the production range with process engineering and special machinery construction

Outsourcing and founding of Reuter Industrietechnik GmbH
1995 Certification per DIN EN ISO 9001 by NIS-Zert, Hanau
1985 Concentration on the production of ready-to-install parts and modules for printing machines
1976 Expansion of machine production and introduction of CNC-technology
1965 Production of in-house developed, commercial dishwashers from stainless steel to the end of the 1960’s
1953 Founded by Ewald Reuter as a metal and apparatus construction company