Vacuum annealing – precondition for stable processes / components

As a result of machining, stress may occur in the material, subsequently causing mounting problems or dimensional variations. If such parts are annealed in vacuum, the stress is relieved and possible subsequent costs for fault removal can be avoided. For heat treatment, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE has furnaces of various sizes. Depending on the annealing method, annealing temperatures up to a maximum of 1600 °C are possible. If an oxygen sensitivity is present, the heat treatment can also be conducted under nitrogen, argon or hydrogen. As a “side effect“, the heat treatment process in the vacuum leads to the removal of contaminations from the component surface. Therefore, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE offers suitable follow-on processes, such as packaging in N2-flooded containers. Just contact us.

We offer the following annealing methods:

  • Hydrogen degassing annealing
    (-> for workpieces of stainless steel with a low C content)
  • Normalizing
  • Soft annealing
  • Stress-relief heat treatment
    (-> for workpieces which have been machined)
  • Annealing to remove remanence
    (-> for demagnetization of workpieces)
  • Bright/solution annealing

Interesting to know:

More information on vacuum annealing

Vacuum annealing may be required after the finished processing as well as between single processing steps. The annealing process usually consists of three phases:

Heating - holding - cooling.

In the heating phase, the material is brought to the specific retention temperature. The subsequent retention phase at a constant temperature is designed for temperature compensation.

This retention time depends on the material, the geometry and the position in the furnace. During the cooling phase, the material returns to ambient temperature. Heating and cooling speedds can be freely adjusted to the customer requirement.

The high-vacuum atmosphere prevents almost every surface reaction. As a result, components are accomplished with a virtually perfect surface in a highly clean condition.

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