Testing of components by permeability measurements

The movement of electrical charge carriers in vacuum is disturbed by the self-magnetism of the surrounding components. For high-tech applications, such as the acceleration technology, or in the field of surface analytics by means of electron beams (REM, LEED, LEEM), only those materials may be used, which do not exhibit self-magnetism, which have a low remanence and a low permeability. Whereas the self-magnetism and the remanence (induced self-magnetism by short-term influence of an external magnetic field) can be examined in a relatively simple way by means of a permanent magnet, the permeability testing is clearly more complicated. REUTER TECHNOLOGIE has applied this complex process for a long time in the development of our own parts and modules, e.g. to shield a pipe or a chamber against external magnetic flux densities. Use our know-how and our longstanding experience to examine your parts for application in sensitive areas.

Our services for permeability measurements:

  • Permeability measurements in the area µr = 1,00001 to 2,000 with the Foerster probe
  • Alternative: measurement of the permeability of parts using Ferromaster from Stefan Mayer Instruments in the range µr = 1,001 to 1,999
  • Measurement report with a sketch of the measuring points (optional)
  • Test report, if a specification has been provided (optional)

If you are interested in a permeability test, just contact us.