Helium overpressure testing:
Leak detection under practical conditions

As opposed to leak detection using the helium spray method, the leak detection of leaks in the helium overpressure test is performed on the atmospheric side. Leaking helium is detected with the aid of a sniffing probe. With a detectable leakage rate of 5∙10-8 mbar∙l∙s-1 this method is less sensitive than the helium spray testing; however, it is suitable as a fast, direct test, for example to identify water leaks in cooling lines.

Overview of our services:

  • Helium overpressure testing of vacuum parts or cooling lines up to 5∙10-8 mbar∙l∙s-1, also under clean room conditions.
  • Report of detection results (sample report available on request)

We conduct leak detections at our facilities and, of course, also at your location, if the prerequisites are given. Just contact us.