Helium leak detection

Helium leak testing does not only require the suitable equipment. The tester’s training and experience likewise have a crucial influence on the quality of the detections. REUTER TECHNOLOGIE GmbH does not accept any compromises regarding these two factors: Our equipment comes from the globally leading supplier Pfeiffer Vakuum and the quality of our employees is ensured by regular certifications through an independent institute. Every employee must have at least five years of experience in leak testing, before he is allowed to conduct on his own.

Helium leak tests
Helium leak tests

Overview of our services:

  • Leak testing of all vacuum components, helium leak detection using the spray method up to 5∙10-12 mbar∙l∙s-1 also under clean room conditions
  • Report of test results (specimen available on request)
  • Copy of the employee’s certificate for leak detection (on request)

We conduct leak detections at our facilities and, of course, also at your location, if the prerequisites are given. Just contact us