Clean room installation – to ensure that you get low-particle components

At its location, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE operates an 80 m2 clean room of ISO Class 7 (~100,000). Inside this clean room, we have a separate area where installations can be performed under clean room conditions of ISO Class 3 (~10,000). Our staff members have been trained by an independent institute for clean-room compliant behaviour and are qualified regularly. Use our experiences and our equipment for a dust-free installation or packaging of your parts.

Clean room up to clean room class 3
Clean room up to clean room class 3

Our service in clean-room installation:

  • Installation of parts and modules under clean room conditions up to ISO Class 3
  • Cleaning and clean-room packaging of components prior to shipment
  • Characterization of the part surfaces regarding particle number and size including measurement report
  • Test report of particle measurement, if specification is available