Vacuum-brazed components and assemblies for thin-film technology

Thin films deposited under vacuum can be found almost anywhere today: on LCD screens, touchscreens, computers, storage media, LED lighting, highly complex digital electronics and in recent times also for sheet metal finishing, as scratch protection on plastic glazing or also for the production of lithium ion batteries. REUTER TECHNOLOGIE develops and manufactures complete PVD/PECVD coating sources as well as complete modules and parts on the customer’s request.

Vacuum-brazed liquid-cooling plate for thin film technology; material combination stainless steel - copper - ceramics - steel
Vacuum-brazed liquid-cooling plate for thin film technology; material combination stainless steel - copper - ceramics - steel

Reuter systems and components in coating technology

  • Components and assemblies for coating systems for processes such as PECVD / electron beam evaporation with a pressure range of 0.2 mbar to 1*10-7; mbar
  • Magnetron sputtering sources
  • Electron beam evaporators
  • Ion sources
  • Heat sinks
  • Cooled, vacuum-brazed substrate holders
  • Process monitoring

We provide:

  • Mechanically highly durable joints of
    • Copper/stainless steel
    • Stainless steel/titanium
    • Copper/copper
    • Copper/diamond
    • Copper/ceramic (BN, Al2O3, SiO2 usw.)
  • Complex geometries
    • Large area joints – ultra-fine brazing up to 0.1 mm material thickness (pipes, edges, reinforcement, etc.)
    • Brazing of areas that are difficult to access

Examples of implemented components:

As a member of the European Research Association of Thin Films (EFDS), REUTER TECHNOLOGIE supplies parts, modules and complete systems to market-leading manufacturers in the field of coating technology. We assist the implementation of ideas to improve the coating process in practise.

We design and produce components for coating technology, such as cooled, vacuum-brazed substrate holders, cooled target holders and sputtering heads. Increased demands are imposed on vacuum thin-film technology by research and analytics, if the processes require ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions. In response to this, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE offers many clever detail solutions: Our assemblies feature metallically sealed vacuum chambers and a high purity of all parts. The installation is performed under clean room conditions up to Class 3 according to ISO 14644.

References: Manufacture of an electron beam evaporator for clean rooms

Also in the future, new materials, alloys and layer system will offer special functions and improved characteristics. Many of these cannot be imagined now. For the production of these thin films in the nanometre and micrometre range, numerous processes are employed already today. If the gas phase separation with our without plasma support (CVD, PECVD), the atomizing process (ion beam atomization, Magnetron sputtering) or the classic evaporation processes with electron beam or resistance-heated evaporators will still be used in the future, cannot be forecasted today. However, one thing is certain: Modules and parts from REUTER TECHNOLOGIE will be used.

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