Customized thermal components

Cooling, heating and tempering are central requirements to control numerous chemical and technical processes. Almost in all cases, process-specific parameters such as the heating and cooling performance or the geometry of components require an individual design. From calculation, design, optimization to production, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE offers all services required for this. With the aid of modern simulation systems such as FEM analyses, we optimize flow resistance, heat transfer and size through the entire design process. The company-wide ERP-System SAP Business One supports an efficient cooperation and economic procedures. As a result, the longstanding production experience are used for the design and drawing preparation right from the start.

heatable component for semiconductor processes
Heatable component for semiconductor processes
heatable flange, manufactured with vacuum brazing technology
Heatable flange, manufactured with vacuum brazing technology

One of REUTER TECHNOLOGIE’s special strengths is the production of multi-functional heat sinks and function groups. Especially the know-how about joining by vacuum brazing is the key to realize hollow parts with highly complex inner structures in the smallest of spaces of pure copper or a firmly bonded material mix of various materials. This means that material properties can be combined specifically. As a result, the heat conduction can be supported in certain areas or prevented in other areas (insulation, e.g. in cryogencis). Also non-metallic materials, such as certain technical ceramics or diamonds can be integrated as a substance in a component. Consequently, properties that seem to be contradictory can be realized, such as a good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation at the same time.

We offer:

  • Development and design of thermal components including advice for material selection and the design of the products
  • Mechanical processing
  • Joining of different material combinations, such as Cu stainless steel, Cu ceramics, etc. (vacuum brazing, laser welding even of extremely thin-walled pipes)
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and test runs up to approval, clean room installation (He leakage detection, permeability testing, 3D measurement, particle counting, etc.)
  • Serial production of small to medium series

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