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The structures in microprocessors are arranged with spacings of only a few nanometres. Therefore, all materials and components employed in the production processes must meet extreme precision and maximum purity requirements. For this application, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE develops and manufactures, for example, individual cooling heat sinks, magnetic assemblies or coil bodies. In addition to the high quality standard, a distinct cost awareness and a high flexibility are among the main features of cooperation with almost all renowned companies in this industry.

Heated gas distributor for vapor phase epitaxy units
Heated gas distributor for vapor phase epitaxy units
In-situ process measurement technology for vacuum facilities
In-situ process measurement technology for vacuum facilities

REUTER products for the semiconductor technology:

  • Soldered heat sinks of stainless steel with close dimension tolerances and high requirements regarding parallelism and flatness
  • Magnetic assemblies and coil bodies of special alloys
  • Brazing of assemblies
  • (Laser) welding of assemblies of stainless steel and titanium
  • Residual gas analysis in the clean room with detection rates up to 10-13 mbar∙l∙s-1·cm-1
  • He leak testing up to 5∙10-12 mbar∙l∙s-1 (also under clean room conditions)
  • He overpressure testing with sniffing probe

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Interesting to know:

The semiconductor industry

Microprocessors, as they are produced in the semiconductor industry, are widely used. They can be found in computers, mobile phones, games consoles, TVs and blu-ray players as well as cars, planes and medical technology. The production of microprocessors comprises several hundreds of process steps, starting off with a blank silicon wafer. Basically, the following steps are performed alternatingly: heat treatment or the application of oxide or nitride layers in a furnace, ion implantation, structuring of layers by means of lithography, dry etching of the printed structures by a plasma, wet-chemical treatment, chemical-mechanical polishing and applying of thin layers using CVD and PVD systems.

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