REUTER’s know-how makes it possible

Nuclear fusion is a technology of the future, to which an important contribution is made by REUTER TECHNOLOGIE with the development of vacuum components. In cooperation with the leading basic research institutes, it was possible, for example, to utilize the know-how in the area of the joining technologies for the implementation of some critical components in the field of diagnostics and plasma heating.

Cooled bolometer holder, brazed in vacuum
Cooled bolometer holder, brazed in vacuum
Cooled diamond window brazed in vacuum
Cooled diamond window brazed in vacuum

Implemented material joints:

  • Mechanically highly resistant joints of
    • Copper/stainless steel
    • Copper/copper
    • Copper/diamond
    • Copper/ceramic (BN, Al2O3, SiO2 usw.)

Designed for the two large-scale projects Wendelstein 7-X (Greifswald, Germany) and ITER (international), which is currently under construction, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE manufactures and installs highly specialized modules. In the next two decades, the two projects with completely different plasma heating and inclusion processes are designed to open up two ways to a functional power plant. Within the demonstration project, a first energy-supplying fusion power plant will be built.

As a member of the German ITER Industry Forum (DIIF), REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is involved in the most important working and project groups and in all new developments.

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